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Fire Suppression from AMT

ME Racing's cockpit is kept safe thanks to our sponsor AMT Motorsport!

If you don't know why automatic fire systems are the only systems AMT sells, we encourage you to watch THIS SHORT DOCUMENTARY about a crash and subsequent fire that nearly killed AMT Motorsport's owner Mark Petronis in 2021.

For the 2023 season all NASA racers are required to have a fire system meeting SFI specification 17.1 or 17.2, or those listed by the FIA on Technical List No. 16 with a visible SFI or FIA certification decal. This system shall include a minimum of two (2) nozzles, one (1) in cockpit and one (1) in engine bay, with manual or auto activation. If an electric solenoid or switch is used to activate the fire suppression system, it should not lose power when the electrical master switch or vehicle ignition switch is turned off. (See page 40 of the NASA Club Codes and Regulations for more information.)

We're proud to have AMT as a sponsor at ME Racing and to support AMT since they sponsor NASA Northeast.

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