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Introducing ME Racing

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Massimo and me, Ed, are ME Racing. Our passion is driving, racing and coaching in the National Auto Sport Association Northeast region. With the help of our friends in NASA NE – one, in particular, to whom we are indebted - we are building a BMW 525i to compete in the Super Touring 4 class. We're developing ME Racing to engage friends, competitors and sponsors. We plan to have a blast and want to bring as many folks along with us as possible.

ME Racing is not a business. We love the track and being part of the NASA NE family. ME Racing gives us the opportunity to support the people and companies who are in the racing and track day driving business and help us enjoy our hobby.

I am the Chief Classroom Instructor and Massimo is a lead volunteer. He helps organize who's volunteering and oversees grid for just about every session he's not racing. We attend every track day and race weekend in our region. Between us there are very few of the folks at a NASA NE event that we don't interact with during the course of a weekend.

We hope you'll enjoy hearing about ME Racing's track adventures and hearing from our friends who make it possible.

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