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ME Racing Report October 2023; Watkins Glen

Yeah there was a lot of this. Not exactly lying down on the job, but working the details. (That's Justice. He helps Massimo keep the volunteer corp in line and here he's working on getting the race scales set. )

There was also a fair amount of this. Trying to stay warm and laughing. There's always laughing.

Brandy (my C6) and I even got to do a check ride so one of our DE1 students could get out of my classroom. (Anthony is a retired fireman. When I asked the students why they came to the Glen he said it was a chance to get out of the house where he's surrounded by five daughters and a loving wife, as in when am I gonna have a chance to do something that I want to do? Really, it's an act. He loves his family. He gets to come to the track and drive that big black Corvette quite quickly. Enough proof that it was time to kick Anthony out of the nest and make him fly on his own in DE2.)

It was wet too, not just sort of cold. The Glen didn't disappoint. It bit plenty of us, but just fenders. Maybe an ego or two got bruised as well. I know of one that could use a bit of bruising. Unfortunately we do have an occasional instructor who takes a liberty or two and drives like a shark in a pack of minnows - that would be DE1, 2 and, or 3.

And where's the Me Racing e34? It's on its way to Hi Speed Motorsports to get electrics sorted out. Things like interior and fun paint are being done. I doubt it will make it out for the last event of the season. It's been frustrating between long stays in fabrication, waiting for parts and chases trying to fix things leading into dead ends. Most likely it will be going straight to getting the cage rebuilt, but if we can get it tuned over the winter too then we'll be chomping at the bit to get her out in March. Meanwhile whatever we have out at the last 2023 event in November we also have the year end club banquet to enjoy with our friends.

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