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ME Racing Report: P2 @ the AER Watkins Glen Enduro!

Qualified P2 and P2 finish!

Unfortunately, we had a crash in the race on Sunday while we were closing in on the lead. A new fender and some steering bits and the Protégé will be ready to roll again.

We use this pyramid to describe the learning process in the NASA NE DE1 debrief classroom.

I like to share with my DE1 students that there is value in each stage of learning. After all if we aren’t willing to try new things then life would be pretty boring, and we wouldn’t have too many students coming to our track days.

When ME Racing teamed up with NIB for the AER race at the Glen this month, we were sort of between the Unconscious Incompetence and Conscious Competence stages.

We knew what the schedule said; fours of practice and qualifying on Friday, eight hours of racing on Saturday and eight more on Sunday, and we were comfortable with racing. All together that meant we knew we didn’t know as much as we should to be successful so we didn’t have an expectation to do as well as we did.

All that changed after our podium!

We showed up Sunday feeling like we had moved up to knowing what and how to do it. We expected to do well.

We had a plan!

Oops, it’s racing.

We’re pretty proud with our results. We just gotta work at learning to stay humble and keep it fun!

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May 18, 2023

Great write up :)

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