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ME Racing Report NASA NE @NJMP Thunderbolt


Miata ME!


EC ME loving my Project Motoring custom suit! (Thanks Dave and John!)

Besides sticking our ME Racing logo all over the place and talking up our sponsors and partners there was a NASA NE competition school, racing, Toyota GR groups, and HPDE driving groups all going wild out there on Thunderbolt. (Our pal George piloted his ME Racing stickered ST4 BMW to fourth place on Saturday. He was super happy with his best ST4 class result!)

We had a rough start on Friday when a car took out some barrier at the end of the front straight. Thankfully the driver was not hurt, but we had a five hour delay to rebuild things. After the summer hot 90 degree weather on Friday things cooled off both in the paddock and on the track. We had clean running Saturday and Sunday. I shared the classroom with my buddy Paul and about 45 DE1 students over the weekend. The well dressed HPDE classroom looks like this-

You got your neatly arranged chairs. All the flags you need to run a track event and a really nice map.

The eagle-eyed of you will notice a Cornhole board among the classroom accessories. Why? Well, if you want to become a good driver you have to be consistent. Consistent on the brakes. Consistent in driving your line. Consistent so that the rest of the drivers are safe driving with you on track. To create consistent (safe and fast) drivers we teach how to manage traffic and how to use the tools you have on hand and under foot - brakes/gas/mirrors/steering wheel - as well as the brave soul sitting in the right seat instructing.

Likewise, if you want to be a good Cornhole player you have to be consistent. Your toss has to be repeatable meaning your footwork, vision, and arm action need to be easy to replicate every time you play. My goal in playing Cornhole in the classroom is to demonstrate the importance of process and the importance of having fun at the same time. Besides if anyone sinks a toss we give them $50 to put toward coming back to work on their driving craft and have fun with us.

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Dave  Gilbert
Dave Gilbert
09 jun 2023
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Looking great in the PMX suit! You and the NASA crew did an awesome job last weekend. 👍🏻

Dave Gilbert

VP Project Motoring

Me gusta
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